Medicinal Plant Project

With our medicinal plant project we work to pass our indigenous knowledge to the next generations and create sustainable fundraising opportunities. Our products are locally sourced and hand picked from Rincon and neighboring reservations. Below are descriptions of each medicine & their healing properties. Each medicine is available in the sizes below!

Our Products

Here’s an in depth look at each of our products to help you shop! 

Wíikat: Artemisia Tridentata, Mountain/Basin Sagebrush. Smudging and balancing purposes. Known to assist women’s ailments and is a natural bug repellent.

Qáaşil: White Sage. Smudging and balancing purposes. Known to assist skin ailments.

Páahay: Náqwut/ Laurel Sumac, Húlvul/ Artemisia californica/ Sagebrush, and Clevelandii Sage Blossoms. Known to assist with skin ailments, natural bug repellent, and mood elevator.

Poşóomawish: Clevelandii Sage Blossoms. Natural fragrance and mood elevator.

Wéeh:Wíikat, artemisia tridentata, Mountain/Basin Sagebrush and Húlvul, artemisia californica/Lowland Sagebrush.  Smudging and balancing purposes. Known as natural bug repellent and mood elevator :).

‘áamosh: Qáaşil, White Sage and Húlvul/ artemisia californica/ Sagebrush.  Traditional pairing of hunting medicine to disguise body odors from animals, skin ailments, smudging/ceremony.

Grandpa Joe:  Qáanavut/ Black Sage and ‘av’áaxat/ Cottonwood.  Known for anti-inflammatory, bruising, arthritis, headache and pain relieving properties.

‘ayáayaka: Dodder, Witches Hair.  Known to treat insect bites, especially black widow.

Húlvul: Artemisia californica/Lowland Sagebrush.  Plant used as skin, body, and hair conditioner. Used in sweats and ceremonies for smudging and balancing purposes. Also known as natural bug repellent and as a women’s hormone balancer.

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