We are students building skills through traditional song, stories, and language: creating a culturally rich identity for ourselves as we progress toward our future.

Flag RaisingRYS opening the 2018 Rincon Fiestas with the Kutuumat (flag raising) Song.

Happening Now:

This portion of our website is updated weekly so you never miss an RYS activity!

We had a blast at the 2019 Fiestas!! Please come out and join us in our 2019 VCPUSD California Indian Days Tour this September! Check out our PRACTICES tab if you’d like to join our practices! Wa’



4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Anthony and the other students,
    It was great to meet you at the Powwow on Saturday. I learned about some of your herbs and was happy to get the Artemisia tridentata and also the salve for us old folks! I am going to use the Artemisia (Wiikat) as part of the herbs I burn for Summer Solstice. Keep Learning!

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